Jay Z builds a radio

Hey there I'm Zack

And I'm Jake

And we're gonna gonna build a radio

Currently, we've completed our first build of our transmitter, however we are unable to receive the signal.
This is a problem, becasue it's extremely difficult to figure out where we went wrong.
Our solution for now is to rebuild the radio using a breadboard, which will give us more control in switching out parts and hopefully will help us find the issue.

FM Radio top view

We're almost done building our second iteration of the radio, using a breadboard this time. There are a few things we need to finish setting up.
Once we've finished it, we'll see if we can figure out how to pick up the signal. It's difficult because we don't know any way to figure out the frequency it's transmitting at except for trial and error. Hopefully we can find it this time.

New Radio

We've completed building our breadboard radio, however we still can't receive the signal. There's a chance it's because we used a different type of resistor than the schematic originally called for. We're ordering the correct type, and if that doesn't fix the problem we'll attempt to use an osciliscope to find the broadcasting frequency of our radio.