Electro Theremin Project

By Sanjay Raj and Jeffrey Robinson-Wrobel

- The Electro Theremin -

This theremin allows us to control pitch continuously, and it can also be used as a piano to play notes.

The materials consist of:

The way it works is that we have the SoftPot,which is a thin and flexible strip that allows us to detect where pressure is being applied. It can slide along, and when we put pressure on it or slide on it we get a value of voltage between 0 and 1024(0 represents 0 volts, 1024 represents 5 volts) and then that value is sent to the computer, and then the computer sends it to a software called Processing, and then the Processing uses that value to output sine waves, and those sine waves have oscillators, and those oscillators have certain frequencies which determine the pitch.